Building a Legacy

Story of an immigrant who arrives in Vancouver without a penny to his name, who ends up changing the skyline of Vancouver. Featured on the Biography Channel.
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Recruitment Videos

When working with a client, we spend lots of time evaluating what makes them different - what's their USP. At earls, we found that employees liked working there as they could stay on the leading edge of fashion... a great fringe benefit!
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Memories Video

Create a legacy video of your family to preserve the memories for future generations.    We take old 8mm film, mix it with photographs, music, interviews of family members and create a priceless gift.

Watch the video here.

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Event Coverage

We had the pleasure of accompanying the earls team to Vietnam. In their quest to explore new tastes, new cuisines, new experiences - we captured the flavors and people of this wonderful country.


Gerry Chatelaine - head professional at Capilano Golf Course is recognized as a life time achievement award winner at the BC Professional Golf Association.
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News Segments

earls has been certified as Oceanwise approved! We captured this "news" story for them at the Vancouver Aquarium, and a great interview with Mike McDermid, Oceanwise Program Manager.
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Company or Personal Biography

As the founder of the Keg Restaurants, brought McDonalds to Canada, and together with his family built the wonderful Thunderbird Show Park - this is George Tidball's story.
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Event Coverage

Mike Weir was welcomed at the Capilano Golf Club in West Vancouver, BC.

Digital Signage

Digital signage allows you to show your product and services in more locations. At earls, we entertained guests waiting for their tables with a series of 30 segments including trivia and entertaining content.