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    Testimonial videos – a great way to bring great attention to your business

Testimonial videos – a great way to bring great attention to your business

A great way for you to showcase your business is to capture testimonials from your clients.   In this case, we were proud to get testimonials for an organization that supports women entrepreneurs.     These can be short and sweet – and are  authentic and real.

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Flash Mob at FWE – Gotta be there!

Where else does a flash mob form and 200+ successful women get on stage to celebrate?  You have to see the energy and passion here!

Life & Times is proud to be a sponsor of the Forum of Women Entrepreneurs.   A great way to start this partnership was filming their 10th Anniversary Gala last […]

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Jim Gibson – An extraordinary man

An extraordinary man who contributed so much to the game of golf. Recently awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Professional Golf Association of BC, where many flew across the country to congratulation him. Here are their stories we captured at an event last fall on his award presentation.

Jim Gibson’s acceptance speech

Steve Carroll honouring […]

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Building a Legacy

Story of an immigrant who arrives in Vancouver without a penny to his name, who ends up changing the skyline of Vancouver. Featured on the Biography Channel.
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Meet me @ the bar!

earls creates magic in several different areas of each location – the lounge, the restaurant, and the bar.   We created this story to showcase the culture around the bar area on the restaurant and the types of people that would really have a great time doing this job!

Watch the video here.

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Event Coverage

We had the pleasure of accompanying the earls team to Vietnam. In their quest to explore new tastes, new cuisines, new experiences - we captured the flavors and people of this wonderful country.